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A Twenty-First Century Initiatic Mystery School for Home Temple Bishops

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This book, authored by the Grailmaster is your starting place for T:.H:.G:.   Paperback: http://www.lulu.com/us/en/shop/lewis-keizer/the-pneumatikon/paperback/product-20982485.html   E-Book: https://www.amazon.com/PNEUMATIKON-Twenty-First-Introduction-Reincarnations-Spiritual-ebook/dp/B00CONYU7A

The thirteen-month First Order training of the Temple of the Holy Grail (T:.H:.G:.) guides Spiritual Initiates through seven Empowerments that are done on lunar cycles after Easter-Passover Vigil and Wesak Initiation. The Second Order Christ-Melchizedek Tantra consists of four Generation Stages and three Completion stages. Application for Initiation into the Temple of the Holy Grail by Home Temple clergy must be made no later than February 15 of any year. 


Esoteric Training

The Empowerments constitute a high-tech internal alchemy that can bring to fruition spiritual and psychic qualities already developed in the souls of many twenty-first century disciples. The techniques developed in First Order Empowerments include harmonic intoning, mudra, higher triad meditation, antahkarana attunement, long-life practice, healing, microcosmic elemental mastery, exorcism, theurgy, liturgics, and elements of Grail Priesthood.


Empowerment for Effectiveness in Service

The purpose of T:.H:.G:. is to empower people dedicated to a life of service, regardless of what their work or position in society might be. All fields of human endeavor have sacred dimensions that Grail Teachings, Sacraments, and Empowerments can potentiate and inspire. Admission to the Initiatic process and First Order Empowerments opens new dimensions of effective and invisible service in all life endeavors, whether professional, artistic, medical, educational, religious, commercial, social, domestic, or manual labor.







"Rarely in the annals of history has a new concept come as powerful as T:.H:.G:. The Grail Master is one of the most learned men that I have ever known who has been able to remain in contact with humanity in order to spread love and benediction."

Eugene Whitworth, M.A., Ph.D., D.O.J.S.
Author of The Nine Faces of Christ, Genesis, The Jaguar Prince, et.al; Founder of the Great Western Brotherhood and Great Western University; Supreme Minister, Temple of the Jade Sun; Bishop Templar T:.H:.G:.; deceased


"The reason the Temple of the Holy Grail has to be taken seriously is that its Empowerments really do work. I have done a great many esoteric spiritual practices in my seventy-odd years, but I have never found anything to compare with the power and efficacy of the Temple Empowerments. It is in that fact that the true authority of the Temple lies."

H. E. Count George Boyer, D.D., Th.D., C.C.M.S.
Grand Master and Lord Abbot, The Healing, Teaching, and Chivalric Order of St. Michael and St. Raphael; Bishop Templar, Knight, and Pontifex, OSMTH (Knights Templar); Bishop Emeritus, Apostolic Episcopal Church; Superior, Guardians of the Way


"I found the Temple of the Holy Grail when I was researching topics of Templar spirituality, on a personal Quest for further Light in my spiritual life. Even that I was fascinated by the teachings, I found the spiritual practices even more meaningful and more profound. Through the practices, I gathered a sense of a balanced discipline which allowed me to reconnect with the forces of nature and the basic energies of the Planet on one side, and the higher spiritual forces on the other. Through the practices, I was able to make contact with the Egggregor of the Temple, an intensely luminous spiritual force, clean, powerful, a real promise for the future of the Servers of Humanity which are being trained by the T:.H:.G:.


"In summary, the Temple is firmly rooted in the past through deep connections into the Initiatic and Apostolic chains of power of the Western tradition; but is looking into the future as an innovative, fresh and vital Esoteric School."

Bishop Zohariel, Ph.D.
S:.I:. IV (Martinism); M:.E:.C:. (Master Elus Cohen; Bishop Templar, T:.H:.G:.; Bishop, Home Temple; Instructor Rose+Croix University, A.M.O.R.C.;



THG Candidates must develop skills in Harmonic Intoning for Chakra Attunement to operate the First Order Empowerments. Probationary acceptance for initiatic preparation includes access to the Seminar entitled THE SHAMANIC ART OF HARMONIC INTONING AND CHANT at Wisdom Seminars. Probationers must begin working with the technique before operating the Initiatic Vigil. It may take many weeks of practice before one's ears can discern the overtones, and months before one gains the ability to isolate and produce the seven main overtones at will.  Dr. Keizer also presents and mentors the seminar as a Friday night workshop before the Saturday Yeshua Workshop on his lecture tour. See HERE for his worldwide lecture schedule.


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The Initiatic Vigil

The all-night full moon Vigil is done on or within 72 hours of the Passover-Easter Full Moon. It may be done indoors or outdoors. The information gleaned from the theurgical skrying and other practices done during the night is analyzed to gain information about previous transmigrations and incarnations to be used in the First Empowerment. The initiand is not given the analysis material until after the Vigil has been completed. The Initiatic Vigil is a demanding but very fruitful process.  


The Process of Wesak Initiation

Initiation into the Temple of the Holy Grail is done once each year at the exact time of the Wesak or Shamballa Full Moon. For T:.H:.G:., Wesak is the full moon following the Easter-Passover Moon, or the second Full Moon after the Vernal Equinox. This is sometimes in variance with the Buddhist date for Wesak.

Initiation is done by Spiritual Hierarchy through the the Egregore of the Temple.  The Initiand is instructed by audio and video tapes as well as written materials in the procedures for opening the Eggregore of the Temple, and is authorized to operate the Liturgy for this purpose. In cooperation with Grailmaster, Grail Mother, the Bishops Templar of the Round Table, the Augoeides of the individual Initiand or Candidate for Initiation, and Hierarchy, the Initiation is transmitted.

Each Initiand must have successfully completed the following preparations for Initiation:


  1. 1.   the online Probationary Studies;

  2. 2.   development of Temple Meditation for the evocation of the Iliaster or Christ Light;

  3. 3.   the work of the Initiatic Vigil;

  4. 4.   the Vigil Analysis.

In addition, he or she must have been formally accepted and authorized for Initiation, trained in the Liturgy of the Chalice, and supplied with the Temple Talisman, sacred materials, and Consecrated Elements for private Wesak Initiation and First Empowerment (THG Module One).

Without legitimate application and acceptance into the Temple and Egregore of the Temple for Initiation, it is impossible for a person to receive the Initiation. Without the Initiation, regardless of what materials, texts, tapes, and supplies a person may have obtained, it is not possible to receive the First Order Empowerments. Furthermore, it is not possible for any Initiate or non-Initiate to misuse or abuse the theurgical operations of the Grail Sacrament and Rites. All of these conditions have been established in the Egregore of the Temple.


Progress Through the First Order Empowerments

When Wesak Initiation and First Empowerment have been completed, the Initiate will request and receive sacramental materials and password for audio and printed instruction and practices for the first part of Root Chakra Empowerment and the Long-Life Empowerment. Like the Initiation, these will be done with a combination of daily practices and special sacramental work at the exact times of New and Full Moons. The time of the actual Empowerment ritual depends upon the moon. The Initiate must prepare to have privacy for sacramental work at these times. It is possible to complete the First Order Empowerments over a thirteen-month period and be authorized to begin Portal practices for Advancement into the Second Order Tantra.

When all seven of the First Order Empowerment have been completed, the Initiate may request formal dubbing as a Dame or Knight of the +OMR+ by the Grailmaster in a Temple Convocation. Many Initiates combine this with Ordination into Home Temple Priesthood if they have done concurrent Priesthood training, and Advancement into Second Order, since all of these require travel and Convocation.



Summary of First and Second Order Empowerments




FIRST EMPOWERMENT, or Empowerment Over Dark Forces [Two Consecutive Full Moons]
Notebook, videotape, and audio tapes for First Empowerment are sent with WESAK INITIATION packet. 

Initiation confers the authority to advance on the Path. There are many steps, the Temple of the Grail seems very far away, and spiritual danger lurks at every turn. But the First Empowerment confers the same powers over Dark Forces given by Mar Yeshua to his legendary seventy-two disciples. We are shown the Path and empowered with tools to protect ourselves and those near us. It is now our work to ripen that Empowerment and bring it to fulfillment.








ROOT CHAKRA, Part One: Practices and Work with Elementals and the Blessing Way [Introduced Concurrently with Long-Life Empowerment]
Password is sent upon email request after confirmation that First Empowerment has been completed. 



We stand before the Grail Castle. We have been given Empowerment to work with invisible subtle forces, including those that optimize the length and quality of our lives. We approach the great door, which faces West. Looking up, we see a sculptured face of the Green Man with ears like a faun. The form of the Temple is octagonal. It is a mandala of the macrocosm and of our microcosmic souls.














HEART OF THE MASTER EMPOWERMENT, or Initiation as Chela of Master Jesus [Two Consecutive Full Moons]
and Elementaries; Acceptance as Companion of +OMR+ [One New-Moon Cycle]
Password is sent upon email request after confirmation that Second and Third Empowerments have been completed. 

Password to begin studies to raise status from Page to Squire.

We enter into the Grail Temple. We draw near to the One signified by the Green Man. He is Mar Yeshua, the Master Jesus, and the true Grailmaster. He develops within us our innate powers of healing and the ability to evoke healing in others. He accepts us as close disciples. We are accepted for training in a true and valid Order of Knights and Dames of the Graal, and we see now that the Grail Castle is the esoteric structure built by the Emperor Von Hohenstauffen in the 13th century for meetings of the international Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Pactio Secreta.















ANTAHKARANA-BUILDING EMPOWERMENT:  [Easter Full Moon to Wesak Full Moon]

Password is sent in time for Easter-Wesak moons one year after Initiation upon email request after confirmation that Fourth and Fifth Empowerments have been completed. If Initiate has been Ordained as Deacon(ess) or Priest(ess), he/she will receive the Liturgist and Final Root Chakra Empowerments as part of this packet.

We enter into the central courtyard. Looking up, we see the sky and on the eight sides we see windows for study and meeting rooms at a higher level. Returning to the interior hall, we enter one of the lower-level rooms. We observe that the ceiling is divided hexagonally. Here we develop studies and practices that may allow us to eventually ascend to the higher level for advanced work.









LITURGIST or SEVENTH EMPOWERMENT: Advanced Training in Harmonic Intonation, Mudra, Theurgical Operation, and Grail Sacramental Liturgy [One New-Moon Cycle] with concurrent completion of ROOT CHAKRA EMPOWERMENT. After full solar year of practices; done on Full Moon. Preparation for Completion of First-Order Empowerments and Dubbing as Knight or Dame in OMR

Only Initiates trained in Home Temple Priesthood are allowed to progress into the Completion of Root Chakra and Establishment of the Seventh Empowerment, both of which confer Grail Priesthood. The Seventh or Liturgist Empowerment requires "proving" through communication and documentation of theurgical operation to control weather under personal supervision of Grailmaster.





Click here for Bishop Keizer's introduction to the Second Order Tantra

Click here for a PowerPoint overview of the Christ-Melchizedek Tantra

Prerequisite: Apostolic Ordination and Successful Completion of First Order


Only Initiates trained in Home Temple Priesthood are allowed to progress into the Second Order.  Those with other seminary training and valid Apostolic Orders are allowed to "fast track" through the Home Temple training to prepare for Advancement into the Second Order, as it requires liturgical skills taught only in Home Temple training. When one has successfully completed the First Order Empowerments, there is no cost for the complete Second Order work including the Portal Practices. Second Order training is modeled after Kalachakra Highest Yoga Tantra Generation and Completion Stages, but using Hermetic and Kabbalistic symbols familiar to Western Initiates. It is called the Christ-Melchizedek Tantra. It  requires one lifetime of progressive practices, and is fully completed at the end of life in conscious death practices.




All extant Apostolic lineages as well as the major European initiatic orders and their charters flow by live transmission into the Egregore of the Temple. These synthesize a new, evolutionary, and transformative impulse of Hierarchy generated through the Christ. They constitute the Grail Priesthood and its Mysteries, which are transmitted in the language of world adeptship (Paracelsian, Rosicrucian, Kabbalistic, Theosophical, Agni Yoga, Tibetan Buddhist, Gnostic, etc.). However, The Grail Mysteries transcend these in a presentation hitherto unknown and done for the most part orally on cassette tape.



All historically extant lines of legal and valid Apostolic Succession from Mar Yeshua, the Master Jesus, are transmitted in the Holy Orders of the Home Temple Priesthood. These lineages include the Roman Catholic, Old Catholic, and Syrian-Antiochene, each flowing through the Apostle Peter, as well as Coptic, Armenian, Greek Orthodox, Greek Melchite, Syro-Chaldaean, Chaldaean Uniate, Anglican, Irish, Welsh, French Non-Juring Bishops, Mariavite, Russian Orthodox, Syrian-Malabar, Syrian-Gallican, and Corporate Reunion. They also include the clandestine Gnostic Apostolic Hieratic lineage of the French Templars dating from the twelfth century.



The Ill. Bro. John Yarker, Jn.: 33 , 90 , 96 , Initiated and Installed James Heard as the first Vicarius Salomonis, Conservator of the Rite of the Ancient Universal Pansophic Rites of Free Masonry, (which synthesized all esoteric European lineages in the late 19th century), who transmitted to Ill. Bro. Hugh G. deWillmott, who transmitted to H.S.H. Duc de Palatine, who transmitted to Bishop and Count George Boyer, Grand Archon, Brotherhood and Order of the Pleroma, Hermetic Brotherhood of Light, Sanctuary of the Gnosis (which have authority to transmit the following extant lineages), who warranted the Grailmaster, on behalf of the Temple of the Holy Grail, to carry forth the authorities embodied in the Pansophic Rite as Grand Master of each, including:


ILLUMINIST:  Order of the Illuminati; Order of the Martiniste; Brotherhood of Luxor

TEMPLAR: Knights of the Holy Ghost; of St. John; of Malta, of the Holy Sepulchre; of the Temple

ROSICRUCIAN: Order of the True Rosy Cross; Order of the Ecclesiae Rosicrucianae Catholicae; Hidden Church of the Holy Grail

MASONIC: Ancient and Primitive Rite; Rite of Memphis; Rite of Mizraim; Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite; Swedenborgian Rite; Order of the Rose Croix of Hiredom; Order of the Holy Royal Arch of Enoch

TRANSMITTED SEPARATELY THROUGH RICHARD, DUC DE PALATINE: Fratres Lucis or Brotherhood/Sisterhood of the Illuminati founded in 15th century Florence, Italy. The Grailmaster is the only valid living Grand Master of the authentic Illuminati (not to be confused with the defunct so-called Bavarian Illuminati--the subject of various conspiracy theories)

It is not necessary for Templars to seek initiation into any of these orders. Rather, the Temple Teachings advance and elevate to a higher octave the essential gnosis of these traditional European schools to serve the spiritual needs of the New Humanity--men, women, and young adults.

However, many Templars do seek admittance to PANSOPHIC FREEMASONRY, a valid male-female branch of Freemasonry founded by Grand Master Keizer in 1996.

In its First Order, the M:.O:.T:. (Martinist Order of the Temple) offers all three of the Martinist Philosphical Degrees through S::I::III.

Admission as a Companion to the Teaching, Healing, and Chivalric Order of St. Michael and St. Raphael is offered to those who complete the Healer Empowerment of First Order. Upon successful completion of all seven First Order Empowerments, Templars may choose to be dubbed Knights or Dames.

The First Order Temple training also offers a revised form of Operational or Theurgical Elus-Cohen training for Templar Priesthood as part of the Liturgist or Seventh Empowerment.




The Grailmaster and Temple are Keepers of the True Grail, which is the Eternal Sang Real or Divine Royal Blood [San Greal in Christian esoteric tradition, "Holy Grail," often confused with the Grail Chalice itself]. The Grail is the Divine sacrificial energy--normally invisible and intangible--that nurtures evolutionary unfoldment in the physical universe and among beings developing amidst the disharmony, darkness, and chaos of this nethermost plane of existence. It is the power that sanctifies matter, quickening its spiritual vibration and level of refinement. The Grail is the actual substance of Divine Blessing [O.E. "sprinkling with sacrificial Blood"] or Divine Bliss ["Blood sanctification"]. It is the Philosopher’s Stone, Elixir, or Amritha that transforms the lower into the Higher, expands the crystallized or contracted Heart-consciousness, and mediates inspiration, guidance, selfless service, and Divine Love.

In the Liturgy of the Chalice, the Divine Nectars, Fragrances, and Essences of the Holy Grail are poured out as a potent blessing and nurture for the spiritual evolution of all beings in all worlds, and especially for those on this plane of existence. First Order Templars are trained in Theurgical Operations of the Liturgy and daily practice of the Blessing Way, benefiting immensely from these works when carried out with fiery, selfless devotion to humanity, the Divine Will, and all beings. The True Grail is poured out for the sake of the New Humanity and the New World that is coming into manifestation. It is a Divine Theurgical Sacrament for higher human and planetary Initiation.




1.    Order and read The Pneumatikon either as a bound paperback from online bookstores or as an electronic copy at www.wisdomseminars.org.

2.    If you have valid Apostolic Orders but are not Home Temple clergy, inend us your Application Form (please use electronic online form for Home Temple on this site).  Once accepted, you will need to fast track order and listen to the online T:.H:.G:. lectures as part of your preparation for Easter Vigil and Wesak Initiation.

3.    Once accepted, you will be notified by e-mail and make arrangements to procure materials, passwords, and instructions for three conference calls. The first prepares you for the Initiatic Vigil, the second helps you analyze the results of your Vigil, and the third prepares you for Initiation on the following Full Moon and the First Empowerment after that. You will order your Module One passwords and materials, which include  pre-consecrated Hosts for the three operations that will be done on New and Full Moons over the two months,  Liturgy of the Holy Grail (included) with video instruction, audio and video instructions for Wesak Initiation and First Empowerment Necklace Practice, a detailed handbook, and your Temple Talisman. 

4.    Upon completion of the Initiatic Vigil, you will be mentored by conference call in your personal Vigil Analysis, through which you gain information specific to you that must be used in the First Empowerment.

Cost for each password-protected two-module instruction with any required T:.H:.G:. Initiatic materials as described above is $80 plus mailing.   The T:.H:.G:. modules are designed for single-person usage and are supplied accordingly.

When one has successfully completed the First Order Empowerments, there is no cost for the complete Second Order Christ-Melchizedek Tantra or preliminary Portal Practices.


Grailmaster T:.H:.G:.

Ph. 831-three four five-9384

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