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Pansophic is an irregular Masonic obedience of men and women. Our mission is to preserve, study, improve, develop, practice, and perpetuate the esoteric spiritual and initiatic degrees and schools associated with the Pansophic Rites of Freemasonry and other spiritual traditions as part of the general Masonic practice of social and self-improvement, and to revive the universal and spiritual traditions of Freemasonry as they were originally practiced by speculative or philosophical Masons within the context of Rosicrucian, Templar, Kabbalistic, Gnostic, and other esoteric European schools. Collectively, these spiritual paths were known as the Graal or sacred Grail.


On September 13, 1992, Bishop George Boyer authorized to Lewis Keizer the authorities of the Pansophic Rites of Freemasonry transmitted by John Yarker, Grand Master of the London Lodge and Co-Masonic Initiator of Mme. Blavatsky. The Ill. Bro. John Yarker, Jn.: 33 , 90 , 96, Initiated and Installed James Heard as the first Vicarius Salomonis, Conservator of the Rite of the Ancient Universal Pansophic Rite of Freemasonry, which synthesized all esoteric European lineages in the late 19th century, who transmitted the same authorities to Ill. Bro. Hugh G. deWillmott, who transmitted to H.S.H. Duc de Palatine, who transmitted to Bishop and Count George Boyer, Grand Archon, Brotherhood and Order of the Pleroma, Hermetic Brotherhood of Light, Sanctuary of the Gnosis, who warranted Ill. Bro. Lewis Keizer to exercise all authorities embodied within the Pansophic Rites, including the authority to modify and transmit them. These are as follows:

ILLUMINIST: Order of the Illuminati; Order of the Martiniste; Order of the Rose Croix of Heredom; Order of the True Rosy Cross; Order of the Ecclesiae Rosicrucianae Catholicae; Order of the Holy Royal Arch of Enoch; and the Hidden Church of the Holy Grail. In 2009, Dr.Lewis Keizer, who also holds the office of Grand Master of the Brotherhood of the Illuminati or Fratris Lucis added the Order of the Fratris Lucis to the Pansophic charter.

MASONIC: Ancient and Primitive Rite; Rite of Memphis; Rite of Misraim; Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite; Swedenborgian Rite; the United Templar Lodge.

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We are Master, Fellow Craft, and Apprentice Freemasons from many obediences (Masonic and Co-Masonic) who share the following convictions:

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Please note that the GWB and HOOM paths are no longer offered.


Students accepted into the Home Temple Ordination Studies, School of Sacred Studies, JIVA, DVH, and/or T:.H:.G:. are pre-qualified as Candidates for Initiation into Pansophic and may formally apply with guaranteed acceptance at any time.  They will be Initiated and Advanced during scheduled Ordination Seminars and should take this link for the APPLICATION TO PANSOPHIC. Once application has been made, Candidates for Initiation will study the Entered Apprentice Handbook, a multimedia presentation about Pansophic Freemasonry, and submit an email-attachment file of 70 questions that must be filled out with brief answers. The questions serve as a review of the material presented in the Entered Apprentice Handbook. The file must be received with correct answers before Candidates will be invited for Initiation (usually during an Ordination Seminar weekend).


Currently we are not taking application for Initiation or membership from those who are not seminarians or clergy of the Home Temple community, or who are not registered students in JIVA (Vedic Astrology) or DVH programs of the Caduceus Institute. However, we intend to open Pansophic to qualified applicants in the near future.


The Pansophic Study Lodge is not intended to compete with or substitute for regular Freemasonry. Its initiations and advancements are not to be confused with regular Freemasonic degrees. Pansophic is a separate obedience not associated directly with regular Freemasonry, and therefore is not bound to any Masonic oaths nor to the Anti-Co-Masonic Oath taken by every regular Master Mason to never make a woman a Mason. Regular Freemasons are free to participate without fear of violating oaths. Nevertheless, Pansophic membership is kept secret and never revealed.

Previous regular Masonic advancement does not fulfill the Pansophic Initiatic Path requirements, which are necessary for advancement to Pansophic Fellowcraft and Knight-Master degrees. Therefore regular Master Masons are accepted as Entered Pansophic Apprentices until the Path requirements have been met. Once Path requirements have been met, they do not require ritual advancement but merely Grand Lodge recognition of them as Pansophic Fellowcraft or Pansophic Knight-Master, as qualifications merit. Conventional EA's and Apprentices will also begin as Pansophic EA's.


The Pansophic Masons operate in three modalities: LOCAL CONVENTICLE,  LOCAL LODGE, and GRAND LODGE #1 ST. GERMAIN. These allow for the women and men of Home Temple and THG in locations too distant for physical meetings to participate and make progress in Pansophic Freemasonry. 




1. Secrecy of Membership

In order to protect members from harassment or misguided accusations of breaking their anti-co-masonic vows in other male Masonic obediences—which oaths are binding only for their specific obediences--it will keep the identity of its membership absolutely and inviolably secret.

2. Masonic Secrecy

Masonic secrecy refers to the signs, tokens, grips, words, and other initiatic secrets that Freemasons have obligated themselves never to reveal except to other Freemasons under specific circumstances. Even though people can purchase books that reveal Masonic secrets, the initiate promises never to discuss them or communicate about them to non-initiates.

    3. Oath vs. Promise

Regular Freemasonry requires blood-oaths, that is, obligations of secrecy that include symbolic penalties of torture and death for transgressing. Pansophic does not use abusive oaths. Rather, the initiate simply promises to honor initiatic secrecy. This secrecy is a test of the initiate and his / her spiritual commitment, and it must be meticulously respected. One might ask why these secrets cannot be discussed publicly, even though they might be published and available to anyone as a result of oath-breaking in the past. It is a matter of individual honor and integrity. One does not publicly discuss the details of one’s intimacies with a lover, or the internal issues of family or friends. By the same token, Masonic secrecy is sworn to seal the intimate spiritual unions that connect all initiates, and regardless of what may or may not be publicly claimed, it is the obligation of the initiate to remain silent at all times.



1. Confidential Lodge Records

After each meeting to initiate or advance, a Conventicle or Lodge will send an updated electronic file of its membership to the Grand Lodge Secretary, who will integrate it into the private Grand Lodge Membership Files.

2. Dues and Other Expenses

No dues are assessed. However, individual members are expected to assist their Conventicles or lodges with any expenses for rental of facilities, purchase of Masonic regalia, food, and operating expenses.



          One Pansophic Master serves as head of a Conventicle. As members are added and advanced, he or she will assign
            necessary offices to them to assist in rituals or offer lectures and presentations.      




The Lodge Offices reflect the cosmic and spiritual energies of the Kabbalistic Sephiroth as follows:

Venerable Master
Past Venerable Master

Senior Warden                    Junior Warden
Hokmah                                Binah

Grand Orator                    Grand Expert
Hesed                            Geburah
Ceremonial Master

Secretary                        Treasurer
Netzach                                          Hod

General Members and Appointed Offices (Musician, etc.)



Blue Lodge Rituals

The official Blue Lodge rituals are adapted from the French alchemical Rites Moderne, including the Chamber of Reflection, swords, and white gloves. Currently Grand Lodge St. Germain is convened for Blue Lodge rituals at the Home Temple yurt in Aromas, California, once annually or as needed. Initiation as a Pansophic Apprentice, Passing as a Pansophic Fellowcraft, and Raising as a Pansophic Knight- or Dame-Master are done in one combined ritual. The degrees are transmitted once all study and practice requirements for the degree of Pansophic Master have been satisfied. It is Pansophic policy to transmit the the Blue Lodge degrees only by conferral. Therefore candidates must travel at their own expense to California to receive them. Home Temple clergy may combine ordination, consecration, dubbing as Knight or Dame of the +OMR+, advancement to +MOT+ Martinist S::I::III or IV, and advancement to Second Order THG with reception of the Pansophic Master Mason degree in one visit.

    Royal Arch and  Higher Degree Transmission

Grand Masters, Lodge Masters, and Past Masters qualify for the Royal Arch Degree, which may be conferred upon them during or after Installation. Higher Degree transmissions of Memphis-Misraim may be done in a Virtual Lodge opened in the Royal Arch Degree by a single Royal Arch Knight- or Dame-Master of the Memphis-Misraim 90th Degree under the approval and guidance of the Vicarius Salomonis Grand Master or Deputy Vicarius Salomonis.

Chartering and Lighting Up a New Lodge

Each new Lodge must be established by at least one officer of the Grand Lodge delegated by the Grand Master, who will travel to the new site at the expense of the new Lodge to oversee the installation ritual and convey the Charter, which will be signed by the Grand Master. He or she will also train and drill the new Lodge officers in the details of conducting the three degree rituals.

Blue Lodges Open in Apprentice Degree

Blue Lodges will always open in the Entered Apprentice Degree so that all Lodge meetings, including the three degrees of advancement and raising, will be open to all members.

Esoteric Degree Work

All Pansophic Entered Apprentices must choose at least TWO PATHS of esoteric study to advance to Fellow Craft and Master as described in Degree Structure and Initiatic Paths at the top of this web page.

Acceptance of Masonic Credentials from Other Masonic Obediences

The Pansophic Rites of Freemasonry will accept credentials and degree-work from all Masonic and Co-Masonic obediences that offer traditional Masonic initiation. In addition to the traditional male Masonic obediences, these include both branches of Co-Masonry; all members of the French Grande Orient such as Memphis-Misraim, all forms of the Prince Hall Lodges and their Co-Masonic Egyptian and other independent organizations, and exclusively female Masonic organizations.