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Non-Professional Sacramental and Interfaith Ministry for Home Churches, Chaplaincies, and Other Independent Volunteer Ministries




Based on the Pre-Christian Kabbalistic Teachings and Practices

of Mar Yeshua, the Master Jesus


Do you want to learn, teach, and practice the exquisite and precious Inner, Outer, and Secret Halakah that Yeshua, the Jesus of history, actually transmitted, as opposed to the doctrines of Christianity? Do you have a strong aspiration to earn the right to carry his Apostolic lineage? Then scroll down, study these web site pages carefully, and submit your application with three character references to start the process of admission. Click on the E-APPLICATION tab above.

Tuition for Ordination Studies no longer required. Instead, Ordinands will make a $10/month contribution to Dr. Keizer's Patreon Channel to sponsor his PRE-CHRISTIAN TEACHINGS OF YESHUA YouTube presentations. Click PROGRAM tab above then click on TUITION for more information.

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The Way of Priesthood

flmmen.gif (8834 bytes)Each human heart yearns for union with the profound Reality that is its source, being, and true nature.   For an increasing number of people, institutional religion no longer satisfies this yearning.  They are ready for sacramental training in a life of self-evolution and service--the sacred way of Priesthood.



Home Sanctuary and Altar

Before there were churches, and well into the fourth century, people gathered for private worship in their homes, just as Mar Yeshua, the Master Jesus, had done with his close disciples. The spiritual intimacy of the Havurah Seder or sacred meal was remembered by the disciples in the sacramental Jewish Toda or Thanksgiving meal during which the spirit of the crucified Master was invoked. This evolved into the gentile Agape banquet of remembrance, which Paul transformed into the Holy Communion or Eucharist of the Christian churches, which had ancient roots in the sacred meals of the mystery religions of Greece, Egypt, and the Middle East. All these were done around a dining table in a private home, which by the fourth century had developed into a church altar. Today the "Mass" and other aspects of Priestly Sacramental ministry are most meaningfully practiced and experienced in the sanctuary of home and private altar with a small gathering of close spiritual companions--without church dogma and creed, but with reverence for the sacred fire of Divine Communion that Mar Yeshua and all great Masters have rekindled for humanity. 



The Home Temple is a new vessel for powerful and transformative spiritual impulses that are emerging in twenty-first century humanity.

  • Rather than doctrinal "belief," the Home Temple awakens the interior knowledge of the Heart  transmitted by Yeshua and embodied in the higher mystical teachings of Masters from all traditions.

  • Rather than professional clergy supported by the donations of non-ordained laity, all members of the Home Temple are encouraged to progress through the traditional degrees of Apostolic Ordination, and there is no separate class of paid professional clergy.

  • Rather than male-dominated church hierarchy, the Synod of Bishops is a collegial order of women and men with equal vote and standing.

  • The male and female Presiding Co-Bishops maintain a deep commitment to re-establishing the feminine-masculine partnership roots of spirituality that were foundational to Yeshua's teachings on becoming shalem or attaining spiritual wholeness and perfection.

  • Rather than a costly three-year onsite academic seminary program, the Home Temple offers low-cost, six-month  distance-learning modules comprising both study and spiritual practice that prepare for Ordination as Deacon and Priest, with elevation to Bishop (Episcopate) by nomination and vote of the Synod of Bishops based on proven spiritual leadership.

  • Our unique ordination training program is based on the Jewish Messianic, Merkabah, and wisdom-school mysticism and Kabbalistic practices of Mar Yeshua, the Master Jesus, as scholars have been able to recover and reconstruct them.

  • Rather than emphasis upon theology, the Home Temple provides pathways for advanced spiritual Initiation through T:.H:.G:., the Temple of the Holy Grail, and training in esoteric Grail Priesthood.

  • INTERFAITH EMPHASIS: After Ordination, Priests and Priestesses are free to work in their own metaphysical or theological frameworks subject only to the Home Temple Code of Ethics, reverence for the Master Jesus, the Home Temple Statement on Vitalistic Healing, and annual report to their Bishop. Outstanding Priests and Priestess are nominated by their Bishops for Consecration as independent Bishops of the Home Temple Synod.

For details see FAQ's, Charters, and Home Temple.


  • The Authentic Historical Teachings of Yeshua

Home Temple seminary training is based on the historical spiritual teachings of Mar Yeshua, the Master Jesus. These are NOT the teachings of Christianity. Until recently scholars have studied the teachings of Yeshua exactly as they appear in the Greek language and vocabulary of the New Testament Gospels, even though they knew that the sayings had been transmitted without context, reinterpreted, and spun to reflect early gentile Christian doctrines about the Lord Jesus (KurioV IhsouV). What they overlooked was that the Aramaic-Hebrew vocabulary and spiritual concepts used by Yeshua were grossly misunderstood in their translation into New Testament Greek, and therefore did not represent his authentic teachings. The faithfulness (emunah) urged by Yeshua became Christian “faith” meaning belief (pistis). Yeshua’s key concept of the Malkuth, divine Sovereignty shared by spiritually reborn saints, became the Christian idea of the Basileon, Kingdom of Heaven. And on it went. The early non-Jewish churches did not attempt to understand or transmit the historical teachings of Yeshua. By mid-first-century, before the earliest Gospel had been written, they were in bitter conflict with the original Jewish congregations. The gentile Hellenistic churches developed a proto-orthodoxy that would survive and be known as Christianity, based not on the teachings of Yeshua, but on Pauline doctrines about a deity called Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who died as a human sacrifice to propitiate a patriarchal God for the sins of humanity. But Paul never knew or studied with Yeshua. He boasted that what he called “my gospel” was based on his personal visions, and that he had not studied with the Apostles and disciples of Yeshua. He was particularly opposed to the views of James the Just (Yakob Ha-Tzadik), the brother and chosen successor of Yeshua [Galatians 1:12, 2:12, et al.] But today scholars have tools to reconstruct the authentic historical teachings of Yeshua.

By using modern biblical criticism to read and interpret Paul, the Christian Gospels (which were based on Pauline theology), and applying the same to other extant sources of Yeshua's teachings like the Aramaic core of the Gospel of Thomas, then translating the Greek sayings and parables back into their original Hebrew-Aramaic language, we can begin to recover the historical teachings of Yeshua. They can be further illuminated by examining the Jewish wisdom, Merkabah, and messianic traditions of his era. When we do this, we find that the teachings of Yeshua were rooted in the proto-kabbalistic mysticism of the wisdom and apocalyptic schools of the sophisticated Jewish diaspora community in Babylon--the probable location of the so-called "lost years" of Jesus. That is where his concept of the Bar-Enash or Son-of-Man Messiah originated, as opposed to the Son-of-David Messiah of Palestine adopted by Paul and the early gentile Christians.

The historical teachings of Yeshua were Kabbalistic. The inner-circle teachings given by Yeshua to his closest disciples are incomprehensible if taken out of their Kabbalistic frame of reference, and even many of the public teachings have Kabbalistic background.

The Master saw himself as a prophet and first-born of the Bar-Enash or New Humanity revealed in visions by the Babylonian mystics who wrote the books of Daniel, Trito-Isaiah, Enoch, and the Babylonian Talmud. The Bar-Enash, Son-of-Mankind Messiah (New Humanity or "Second Adam" of the Pauline letters) would redeem mankind from its bondage to sin. Each soul born of the Old Adam would have the opportunity to spiritually redeem itself from bondage to evil and rebirth itself as a member of the body of the Christ or New Humanity. Spiritual rebirth as a yeled  or "newly-born" could be achieved by following the Halakah or "Way of Walking in Life" taught by Yeshua.

In other words, Yeshua's Son-of-Mankind Messiah or Christ is not just the man Jesus, as taught by Christianity. It is a corporate spiritual being--the pre-existent heavenly archetype of a coming New Adam or Humanity that is to be spiritually reborn soul by soul while living in flesh. Those who achieve this establish the Malkuth or Sovereignty (not "Kingdom") of Godhead on Earth. Over the ages humanity and the planet will transform spiritually until the Messianic Age or 'Olam Ha-Ba is fully established on Earth.

For an introduction to the historical teaching, go to the YouTube Page and view the series entitled the Pre-Christian Teachings of Yeshua. The book cover shown to the left is the most recent of Dr. Keizer's many writings on the authentic teachings of Yeshua. Others can be found in the Catalogue at www.wisdomseminars.org, his seminar and teaching site. Included in ordination training are the complete weekend seminars entitled Yeshua: The Unknown Jesus, and The Yeshua Seminar. Currently Dr. Keizer, Presiding Bishop, is scheduling two multimedia PowerPoint public seminars on the historical teachings of Yeshua. For details click HERE or take the link entitled LECTURE-TOUR in the navigation bar at the top of this page.

To learn more, click on the icon below:

Dr. Keizer's writings are available HERE, HERE, and HERE as $10 e-book downloads and more expensive paperbacks.


  • Twenty-Two Lines of Valid and Legal Apostolic Succession

Home Temple Ordination transmits the full repertoire of twenty-two extant lines of valid, historic Apostolic Succession from the Master Jesus for spiritual ministry after completion of studies in our unique home-study seminary program. These are the same Holy Orders transmitted in Catholic and Orthodox Churches. Take the link on the buttons to the left to APOSTOLIC LINEAGES. You may also wish to view the narrated flash presentation HERE.

For a detailed history of the Independent Episcopate, we provide an online PDF file of The Wandering Bishops: Apostles of a New Spirituality by Lewis Keizer. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/



A new edition of Dr. Keizer's The Wandering Bishops: Apostles of a New Spirituality is not yet in print. However you can open and print out the PDF file of the previous edition by clicking on the image of the book cover to the left. You may print the book for your personal, non-commercial use.




Home Temple Ordination confers valid Apostolic Succession--the Priesthood of Melchizedek. The training materials for Ordination are based on the universally-applicable traditions, Kabbalistic teachings, and spiritual practices of Mar Yeshua, the Master Jesus.  These are not doctrines of any church or religion, but the authentic teachings and practices of a great Spiritual Master, as contemporary scholars have been able to understand and restore them.  They were better preserved in medieval Chasidic, Kabbalistic, Gnostic, and Sufi traditions of Judaism and Islam than in Eastern or Western Christianity. Today they constitute a vital new spiritual impulse for people in their quest for personal and social transformation.

During Ordination training, postulants use a specially-designed Sacramentary to maximize their understanding of the historical teaching and practices of Mar Yeshua, the historical Master Jesus. After Ordination our independent Priestesses and Priests are free to use their own spiritual liturgies, teachings, and religious emphasis subject only to the Home Temple Code of Ethics and reverence for the Master Jesus.


  • Our Home Seminary Ordination Program

This is not a dry, textbook-based correspondence course.  A fascinating combination of integrative spiritual practice with academic texts, audio lectures, video demonstrations, tests, seminars, Skype video mentorships, and online instructional links prepares the candidate for Ordination into Diaconate, Priesthood, and Episcopate in direct Apostolic lineage from Mar Yeshua. All of these materials are now delivered online, digitized for download, and accessed through password protected pages.

Our program provides an  authentic path of spiritual development and religious expression without denominational bias or Christian dogma.  It puts members into communication with colleagues worldwide who share a common vision of human spiritual evolution in all spiritual paths.  


  • APPLICATION: Careful screening includes three character references

  • TUITION: Two-year PATREON sponsorship of Dr. Keizer's PRE-CHRISTIAN TEACHINGS OF YESHUA paid by automatic credit card deduction of minimum $10/month = $240 over two years

  • CODE OF ETHICS: All Postulants for Holy Orders must agree to our Code of Ethics under legal signature; violation of Ethics may demit from Home Temple

  • ORDINATION: Weekend Seminar and Ordination by Home Temple Synod Bishop upon completion of studies and final approval by Presiding Bishop

  • FAST TRACK: Previously Ordained independent clergy in valid Apostolic Orders, as well as seminary-trained non-Apostolic ministers, may petition the Presiding Bishops for evaluation of previous seminary education and admission to the Home Temple Priesthood or Synod of Independent Bishops by completing supplemental studies

A Priestess or Priest who demonstrates spiritual leadership and worthiness is invited to be advanced into the Episcopate, or Office of a Bishop, to serve in the world-wide Synod of Home Temple Bishops. As an Independent Bishop of the Home Temple, he or she may choose to exercise non-profit ministries through a legal and independent Corporation Sole.

Click to hear an orientation to the Diaconate Studies by Bishop Keizer.

Ordination by a Home Temple Bishop available in England, Australia, Canada, Peru, Columbia, Thailand, Philippines, and U.S. 

    Seminary Degrees and Certificates

The Home Temple SCHOOL OF SACRED STUDIES offer programs for its clergy leading to the Bachelor of Divinity (B.D.) for those who successfully complete Priesthood Studies, the Master of Divinity (M.Div.), Doctor of Divinity (D.D.), and Doctor of Vitalistic Healing (D.V.H.) degrees, as well as Certification in Pastoral Counseling.

 These are church seminary degrees to qualify students for pastoral, sacramental, teaching, and counseling ministries including prison ministries and professional end-of-life hospice counseling. Seminary and ministerial degrees are offered using resources of the Caduceus Institute of Classical Homeopathy and Dr. Keizer's Wisdom Seminars online educational site. The certification program develops skills in marriage, grief, hospice, and other pastoral counseling issues. Distance-learning programs that can be completed at one's own pace. Certificates and Special Ministry D.V.H. degree in Homeopathy are designed and mentored by Home Temple clergy who possess academic and professional credentials in the appropriate fields of study.




Ordinands travel to the residence of a Home Temple Bishop in for two days of final training, retreat, fellowship, and ordination to Diaconate and/or Priesthood, or consecration to the Episcopate.

Photos from Summer and Winter Ordination Seminars  2004-2011 (CLICK HERE)










  • Home Church and Mission Charters

We train and empower sincere, mature people to conduct their own unique spiritual ministries. Independent Priests and Priestesses offer sacramental, transitional, and life-cycle spiritual services, as well as teaching, counseling, and other forms of ministry to their families and communities. Although rooted in the Apostolic Succession transmitted by Mar Yeshua, the Master Jesus, they are free to incorporate Buddhist, Shamanic, Goddess, Sufi, Theosophical, Hindu, Native American, or any other elements of transformational human spirituality into their churches, teachings, ministries, and rituals. Home-based ministries may be chartered as federally tax-exempt, non-profit churches or missions of the Home Temple.

Completion of Diaconate training qualifies the student as a Candidate for Ordination into the Apostolic Deaconate with Charter as a Mission of the Home Temple. Completion of Priesthood training qualifies the student as a Candidate for Ordination into the Apostolic Priesthood and Charter for an independent Church of the Home Temple. Click on the CHARTER button for more information. 

An Independent Priest or Bishop already operating a ministry may apply for Home Temple Articles of Affiliation leading to church Charter or (in the case of a Bishop) formation of a legal Corporation Sole. Affiliation of a previously Ordained or Consecrated minister requires Fast Track (see below) and, in the case of a  Bishop, completion of Home Temple Episcopal training (First Order T:.H:.G:.).

  • Mar Yeshua: Reverence for the Master Jesus
    The Centrality of Jesus Studies for Home Temple Seminarians

[Click on book cover to preview our teachings on the Halakah of Yeshua.]

Our focus in Ordination training is not upon theology, doctrine, dogma, or creed, but upon the historical Teachings of the Master Yeshua. This area of academic focus is called Jesus Studies. It is not possible to understand the Basor or "Gospel" proclaimed by Yeshua through literal study of the New Testament. The Gentile Greek Christians who produced the biblical gospels lived three generations after Yeshua, were in conflict with the original Jewish Messianic congregations established by Yeshua's talmidim or "disciples," and were proclaiming the Gospel of Paul--who had never been a disciple of Yeshua and, like the later Gnostics, based much of his interpretation upon his personal visions and revelations. The Christian churches proclaimed a Gospel about Jesus, a Heavenly Redeemer and miraculously begotten Son of God, crafted in the context of Pauline soteriology. The historical teachings and Halakah of Mar Yeshua gave way to gentile Christian worship of Jesus as the Passover Lamb of God who was sacrificed on the cross to expiate the sins of all who would believe in his deity. The Christian Gospels have to be "unspun" using proven scholarly text- and literary-historical methods if we are serious about learning from the authentic Yeshua (Jesus) of history. Our students gain basic literary-critical skills in recovering the historical Teachings of Yeshua so that they can be studied, taught and applied to their own spiritual walk in life. The focus, then, is not on Christianity, but on authentic spirituality that can be applicable to any religious tradition.

In Home Temple Ordination Studies we address all the legacy of Apostolic Succession--Liturgics, Old and New Testaments, History, etc--but our focus is upon the historical Teachings and practices of the Master Jesus as scholars have been able to recover and understand them. Like Thomas Jefferson, who created his own "Jefferson Bible" consisting only of the sayings of Jesus from the New Testament, we reverence Mar Yeshua not just as a spiritual teacher, but as the incarnate manifestation of God's Word. It is important to note that bibliolatry--the worship of the Bible as the literal Word of God--entered history only some 400 years ago as a means for Protestantism to replace the ecclesiastical authority of Catholic Apostolic Tradition. Today Christian biblical literalism and emphasis upon "belief" in doctrine has replaced the Master's Halakah or "way of walking" in life. In the modern world, the authentic Teachings of Jesus can often be found better practiced in Buddhism and other religions than in Christianity, and God's "Name" (Justice, Compassion, etc.) more truly hallowed outside of Bible-believing Christianity, especially by secular and non-religious philosophies of conscience such as ethical humanism.

However, it must be clearly understood that although the Home Temple respects all spiritual traditions and draws from them in an orientation that is Kabbalistic and theosophical rather than conventionally Christian, yet it is through Mar Yeshua and his chosen successors that the ancient Priesthood of Melchizedek has been transmitted to us. By being trained and initiated into his authentic Messianic traditions, we are able to draw closer to all Spiritual Masters for guidance and empowerment. Mar Yeshua was the first-born of the New Humanity (Bar-Enash). He mediates spiritual rebirth. Yeshua demonstrated highest human spiritual potential in achieving not only the Qimah, "Resurrection," or conquest of death, but Malkuth or Co-Sovereignty with Godhead--the Abba--for all who follow. He thus established continuity of consciousness and his living Bodhisattva presence for all who would strive to evoke the Messianic evolutions of the New Humanity and the New World. We reverence him as a Master of Masters, we serve under his protection and guidance, and we gratefully draw upon the riches of human spiritual striving transmitted through the lineage of the historic Apostolic Succession of the Master Jesus, as well as those of of world religions.

Therefore the prime requisite for affiliation with the Home Temple is unequivocal reverence for the Master Yeshua.



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T:.H:.G:. Temple of the Holy Grail


Home Temple Students are encouraged to undertake initiatic training in the the Temple of the Holy Grail, T:.H:.G:., which provides advanced training and Empowerments in Theurgical Priesthood, Exorcism, Harmonic Intoning and Attunement, Long-Life Practices, and other important areas.  Home Temple Priesthood is advanced to the level of Grail Priesthood by operating  the T:.H:.G:. Paschal Vigil, Wesak Initiation, and First Order Empowerments.  These are also prerequisite for Episcopal nomination. Click on the T:.H:.G:. symbol above to go directly to the T:.H:.G:. page.





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For information on home-study curriculums, upcoming ordination training seminars, and everything else relating to our seminary program, click the PROGRAM button.


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